Lies My Best Friends Told Me

I love my friends – and they love me. We’ve always been there for each other. We have to be.

But we all have problems. We all have issues with our lives, things we need help with, reasons we need support.

Depression. Anxiety. OCD. Eating disorders.

Broken homes. Abusive parents. Distant siblings. Unsupportive relations.

Broken self esteem. Hatred of ourselves. Wishes to change ourselves.

Lack of ambition. Lack of motivation. Lack of direction. Lack of anything.

Poor health. Frequent appointments. An endless slew of bad news. More things we cannot do.

Struggling to trust. Struggling to stay calm. Being scared that someone won’t come back.

No money. Nothing ever new. Going a night without hot water. Going a weekend without heating.

But friends are there to support each other. That is the very purpose of a friend.

Someone we can trust. Someone to be there for us. Someone to help us deal with all the pain.

And yet all our friends have lied to us.

We’ve all lied to our best friends.

Sometimes lies are necessary to keep secrets where they should be. To keep affection going. To maintain our integrity. To maintain their love. To stop a scandal. To save from humiliation. To ensure someone’s happiness.

Here are lies my best friends told me.

I’m fine.

She’s fine.

It’s fine.

I’ll be fine.

It’s nothing.

It’s not important.

It’s gonna be okay.

It doesn’t bother me.

You don’t need to worry.

There’s no need to worry about me.

I feel great.

Of course everything’s okay.

The appointment went great.

They said it would be fine.

It isn’t for another few days.

Nothing new.

All in the clear.

I stayed with my dad.

I saw my sister last week.

My mum won’t leave me alone, either.

She went out last night.

No, it’s just a bruise.

It’s only happened a couple of times.

It was just once.

She didn’t mean to.

He won’t ever do it again.

He apologised.

He loves me.

I love him.

I broke up with him.

I know.

I’m not hungry.

I had lunch earlier.

I had a big breakfast.

Just got to run to the loo.

I’m too cold to take off my jumper.

It was the cat.

I accidentally touched my straighteners when they were still on.

I caught it in the door.

I fell over.

I fell over again.

I’m just clumsy.

It was just low blood sugar.

It hasn’t happened it ages.

It doesn’t happen often.

I’d love to.

I want to go out.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Call you later.

Be back soon.

I’ll come over later.

I’m in a really good place.

I trust you.

I’d tell you anything.

I have no secrets left.

You know literally everything about me.

You can tell me anything.

I won’t tell.

No one knows.

She knows.

He knows.

They know.

I’m going to be okay.

You’re going to be okay.

Nothing could go wrong.

No one will find out.

I’m not drinking that much tonight.

I was in the lounge the whole time.

I never left.

I didn’t see him.

I would never do that with him.

He wouldn’t.

She wouldn’t do that.

My mum’s giving me a lift.

My dad’s outside.

The car broke down.

I like walking home.

We ran out last night.

I woke up late and had no time to shower.

I just like wearing old clothes.

Sorry, I’m busy.

Sorry, family stuff.

I can’t.



I’ll be there.

I’ll always be there.

You’ll always be my friend.

You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

There’s nothing you could say that could surprise me now.

You know me too well.

Right again!

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

I’m so ashamed.

I’m so proud.

Of course I’m not jealous.

There’s no reason to be jealous.

I understand.

I know it’s hard for you.

I’ll try and understand.

I’ll try.

I forgive you.

He forgave me.

I’ll never forgive him.

He’ll never forgive me.

I won’t go there again.

I can’t believe I did it.

You’re better than that.

You’re better than him.

You’re too good for him.

I didn’t mean to.

It was an accident.

You can trust me.

You’re my best friend.

I’m your best friend.

I love you.



These are the lies my best friends told me.

These are the lies I told my best friends.

These are the lies we live on.

These are the lies we die on.


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