Letters To My Younger Selves

Dear 3 year old me,

You’re a chubby, gorgeous thing, and that is all that matters.

Me, aged 3, and giggling about something.

You’re too young to really know what’s going on, but know that all is good.

You’re loved, and happy, and constantly giggling.

Never forget how to giggle, please.

Nostalgically, me.


Dear 5 year old me,

Let the world continue to be rosy, until the very last second that you can.

Carry on believing in fairies.

Me, on my 5th birthday. That’s my reading corner, in the back there.

Don’t stop wanting to be a mermaid.

Don’t stop reading to your teddies in that corner, because your imagination will thank you profusely.

Dream about whatever you please, and always, always, say thank you.

Affectionately, me.

Dear 7 year old me,

Enjoy your gappy teeth, and perpetual wearing of trackies.

Embrace the long walks you’re forced to go on – you’ll miss them someday.

Don’t be too sad about the cat dying, when he does. He never liked you anyway.

Learn to say your P’s and Q’s, and don’t be so obnoxious.

By all means fight with your brothers all you want, but you’ll love them very much someday.

The girl you didn’t like, and now is your best friend? Don’t get too attached, it might not last forever.

The boy you think you’ll always be able to rely on? Make

Me, aged 7, being obnoxious on the beach in April.

the most of it while you still believe it.

Be glad and gracious for your parents – they may be pushy, but they love you very dearly.

Daily trips to the hollow tree you call ‘the den’ with brothers one and two will become memories you’ll treasure, so don’t ever skip them out.

Although, it’s time you brushed your hair.

Kindly, me.

Dear 10 year old me,

You only have a few months left of true childhood, and it won’t be as golden as it has been up ‘till now.

Try not to blame that girl too much, for leaving you behind. Someday, she’ll be jealous of your new friends, not the other way around.

Don’t wish away these days too soon – big school isn’t all you think it will be.

Be glad for your friends, because they’re very good to you, but soon, they won’t be anything to you, so don’t get too caught up on preserving already dead relationships.

When you lose them – when they lose you – there isn’t any need to cry, even though you will.

Me, aged 10, wishing away those last few golden months.

Be prepared for all the bigness and the meanness that is headed your way.

Don’t let yourself get pulled along by peer pressure.

Don’t betray yourself as you hold on too tight to things you’re bound to lose.

If you must insist on doing so, don’t be too embarrassed when you don’t fit in to the world of popular girls and trying too hard.

Oh, and this feeling? Of not being in pain? Try and remember that, please. There will come a time when you can’t, and you only have one year left.

Regretfully, me.

Dear 13 year old me,

I won’t say I told you so.

Be glad you’re done pretending to be everything you’re not.

Embrace the awkwardness of teen years, because they’ll be some of your best.

Those world did suck, but give it a month or two and you’ll make better friends than you ever could deserve – except it won’t be all too long before they won’t deserve you.

Oh, and the boy, who was your best friend, and then he told you he hated you, and now you’re buds again? It’s safest not to trust him. Love him, care for him, hang out with him, but learn who not to trust.

I’m glad you can recognise how obnoxious you once were, but you’ve still got a way to go.

You’ll look ridiculous, for a while, with braces, and those awful glasses, but stick it out, and never stop loving the way you are

Me, aged 13 (maybe 14), pre-discovering taming conditioner, but finally post-braces.

The girls from church are the best people you’ll know. Don’t you dare push them away.

Don’t push church away. It’ll love you more than you could ever love it, as much as you will try.

I know you’re still hurting from so many failed attempts, but confidence is within reach, and one day will be in the palm of your hand.

Allow yourself to grow in it.

Open yourself with willingness to new friendships in the years to come, because by being a little too reserved, you miss out on so much fun.

Remember to be good, and kind. Don’t harbour bitterness to the people you failed to please. Just accept that you aren’t one, and move swiftly on.

And you may as well start getting used to the pain.

Honestly, me.

Dear 15 year old me,

You’re catching up with me very fast.

I just want to let you know that the next year or two will bring about a lot of change.

Don’t stress too much about exams this summer. They aren’t as important as you think.

A little hard work does, however, go a very long way.

You’re going to be in a play, and it’s going to be the worst play in the world, but it will be the most fun you’ve ever had.

The friends you’ll make there – trust them, and love them, because they are such good people, and the whole lot of you kind nerds deserve each other.

You’re going to meet a lot of people – don’t be too afraid, because talking to strangers is a skill you’ll learn to appreciate.

You’re going to drink for the first time, and you’re going to drink too much for the first time. Honestly, I won’t ask you not to, because it’s an experience you need to have.

Be wary of the friends your best friends make. Your friends’ judgement isn’t necessarily to be trusted.

Me, aged 15 but not for long, at prom.

When you think God is telling you something, something big – He is. Listen to it, sooner rather than later.

Remember to trust in God, because at the heart of this, He is all you have.

A massive, massive change is going to come your way. Embrace it, be grateful for it, and work hard to make it work.

Most of all, remember to rely on your friends, all of them, because I think they’re one of the best things you’ve got going for you. Your network is strong, and your support is unbreakable.

Then again, I may be wrong, but I’m still waiting to be proven wrong.

Apprehensively, me.


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