Why Valentine’s Day Just Isn’t That Great

Ah, Valentine’s day. What a wonderful celebration of love, and relationships, and happiness, and contentedness, and all things wonderful.

The day when the single population of the earth feel either completely worthless, or are so very grateful for their singleness, and freedom, and all those things that come with being single, that they celebrate so much that they just look desperate.

Or we just, you know, don’t really care, because it’s a ridiculous consumerist holiday with no real meaning and only increases desperation amongst the single, unmarried people in their late twenties waiting desperately for The One, and teenagers who place their entire worth on their relationship status.

I, personally, am not that bothered by the fact that my Valentine’s day is being spent studying The Odyssey and writing blog posts, and hanging out with my big brothers, because it really is just another day, the same as all the others. However, that may be because I did have a date, I did have someone to spend my day with, therefore, I have no reason to worry about my worth, because it was me who cancelled, not this boy I know a bit, who’s nice enough, but not for me. I proved that I’m worth something by getting a date, and chose to be alone instead, therefore I’m not bothered.

Just to clarify, that’s not why I don’t care. I just don’t care because it’s irrelevant to my life.

I have friends who seem terrified by the concept of spending the day alone, or at least not having that ‘special someone’ (excuse me while I throw up a little) to wish them a happy day-like-any-other-but-you’re-a-tiny-bit-more-broke. This is foreign to me. Like, I’m not going to pretend that if some lovely, kind, sweet, handsome boy came along and fell in love with me that I wouldn’t go at least a little weak in the knees, because come on, I’m only human, but what’s the point of having a date on Valentine’s, or any other day, for that reason, unless they make you feel something? I’m not saying you have to be in love with them, or that there’s no point dating unless you see yourself married to the person, but what’s the point unless there’s even a slight possibility it could last? People talk about dating for fun, but I think that’s nonsense. Dating isn’t fun, it’s stressful and it makes you nervous and feel insecure, and wish you had more freedom, and also that you were dating someone who wants to snuggle on the sofa a bit more. Dating sucks! You’ll never be content, unless you really, actually, truly like that person. So what’s the point unless you do?

Whatever. Point is, Valentine’s isn’t that great. If you’re single, it’s a reminder that you’re alone, if you’re in a relationship, it’s a reminder of how much your significant other doesn’t do on every other day to show you how much they love you.

Maybe I just sound like a bitter singleton. After all, it’s only ever single people who hate on Valentine’s Day, and people who are in relationships, who last year were all for celebrating Galentine’s instead, this year think that Valentine’s really isn’t that bad, because hey, they get roses and jewellery and a cute meal with someone they love. But I like to think that even when (or if, don’t want to be too presumptuous) I’m in a relationship, and I have a Valentine to celebrate with, I won’t sell out. Sure, I’m not going to say no to a card and box of chocolates, and I’d probably wind up getting whoever this mysterious person who wants to date me is, one too. But I think I’ll still believe it’s just an excuse to sell more paper and ink.

Whatever. Valentine’s Day is an irrelevant holiday. Some Saint from hundreds of years ago apparently decided we need to show our lurve more on one day that any other, and it stuck, so now we’re lumped with seeing pink hearts on shop windows all of February for the rest of eternity, and having to spend a couple of quid on a card to prove our love and worth. Maybe that’s just the price of love, you know? You’ve gotta empty your pockets and also waste your time if you want to be happy!



This post has no substance whatsoever, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a lovely week, and don’t die before you come back.

Lots of just-like-every-other-day love,

Mima xoxo


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