These Are Restless Times

A few days ago, I was just going about my daily business, reading posts, listening to music, trying to stop my cat from leaving me, etcetera etcetera. It was a mediocre day, and I was feeling thoroughly mediocre myself. How uninteresting and boring my life seems.
I came across posts about politics, of course. Mainly Trump and his stupid freaking wall. Posts about people’s personal lives – their birthdays and boyfriends and best friends and demons. Posts about projects and things people are doing, challenges they’re undertaking, mistakes they’re making. Posts about life, how to do it and do it well, how to ensure you get good grades and good hair and good everything.
It was all very unremarkable, as I said. Very mediocre.
Not that the posts weren’t great, I’m sure, but nothing really caught my eye, you know? As I said, I was feeling very mediocre.

Until I came across a post by a lovely girl I’ve been following for a few weeks now, called Abby Strangward. Her blog is lovely and she seems like a great girl, and her writing is pretty darned beautiful too. The post was entitled ‘a no-shit talk about positivity’ and it made me curious, and so I clicked, expecting to find a post similar to the kind of thing I often write – an opinion that was technically never asked for, but given anyway, in the hope that people would enjoy. At first, it was. It was about how screwed up our world is, how difficult it is to get by, and how restless people are. It’s full of discomfort, and malcontent, and all around misfortune. And when we aren’t hit around the face with that, we’re often just bored.

But then Abby’s post became suddenly and remarkably more interesting. (Not that it wasn’t before, of course.) But what I read made me sit up straighter, open my eyes wider, and get the cogs in my head turning.

Because of a girl called Darcy, and a wonderful idea she had.
A newspaper. A newspaper that will be shared online, and put together by a group of passionate and excited young people from around the world, who are so incredibly tired of all the bad news.

A newspaper that will encourage and report creativity and positivity, throwing all the goodness that can be found, out into the world, for other people to find, read about, and be inspired by.

Abby is a part of the team for this paper, one of the original recruits, and she was out to put the paper out there, to get readers, and contributors.
And of course, this interested me more than I can say, and I immediately emailed Darcy, the editor in chief of the paper, and told her that I would love to be involved. The next morning, I woke to a reply, with confirmation that I was now on the team of The Restless Times.

We will try to give a voice to hope. To passion. To the forgotten but full of love. To all the good things that are so easy to ignore.

To give a voice to youth. To give a voice to the people fighting the bad stuff.

Because the bad stuff isn’t to be avoided. That isn’t the aim here. The aim is to write articles about the bad stuff, that instead of leaving people crushed, and sad, leave people full of energy, and hope that we can get over the bad stuff.

But also to write articles about the good stuff! The good stuff that barely gets mentioned, or thought about, because there’s bad stuff which is more important.

There will be articles that inspire, articles that celebrate talent and accomplishment, articles that make you think, and feel, and want to try.
This will be paper for you. For everyone.

This is a project that I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of. The first edition will be released on March 1st, and to be sure you see it right away, go ahead and follow to get updates as they’re released, and be sure to follow us on Instagram too, @therestlesstimes, and if you’d like to read Abby’s wonderful post that so inspired me, go to

Welcome to The Restless Times. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Have a lovely week, and don’t die before you come back.
Lots of restless love,
Mima xoxo


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