February’s Finally Finished

Well, February was an interesting one, wasn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but February has been a mixture of both the incredibly delightful and unbelievably crushing for me. I’ve fought with friends, and found wonderful new opportunities. I’ve lost a family member, and befriended wonderful new people. I’ve discovered secrets I’d rather have not discovered, and I’ve spent time with those I love more than anything. I’ve slipped into some very bad habits, and I’ve learned so much that I’m very grateful for. I’ve found myself in unbelievably awkward situations, and I’ve felt, for the first time in a while, really wanted.

All in all, I’m just so excited for March, for so many reasons. February has been a wild rollercoaster of insane highs and crushing lows, and while that’s all very well and good, character-building, and all that, it’s also exhausting, and it’s time I had a rest, in the form of a month with loads to look forward to.

Like what? Like this!

  • There’s the release of the first edition of The Restless Times, which was actually posted earlier today! (check out my post about it, at https://storytimewithmima.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/these-are-restless-times/ and go read the paper at https://therestlesstimes.wordpress.com/ !) I’m so incredibly proud of the gorgeous team for creating something so incredible, and I really hope you’ll check out what we’ve made!
  • It’s show month – for a few months now I’ve been working with some wonderful and talented people on a production of My Fair Lady, that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, and towards the end of this month we have our four performances, and performance nights are always wonderful.
  • I’ve got a weekend away with all the lovely lot from church; a few days holed up in a building in a field playing games, doing craft, and talking about God – certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but undoubtedly mine.

Anyway. Before I get too carried away thinking about how lovely March should be, I’m going to torture myself a little longer by thinking about February, aka the month that contained one of the worst weeks of my entire life, but also opened some incredible doors and is home to memories I will surely treasure for years to come.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned this month. I hope they help…someone.

  • New people are great, but neglecting the ones who’ve been around for a while isn’t a sensible course of action.
  • It’s probably a bad idea to say yes to things just because they’re new.
  • It isn’t always a bad idea to say yes to things just because they’re new.
  • If you think you shouldn’t say it, don’t.
  • Don’t blame yourself for something that isn’t entirely your fault, because it’ll hurt more than you can handle.
  • Taking the blame for what you did do wrong can make it easier to bear.
  • Tragedy is good at clearing the air, but not at fixing damage.
  • It’s the people who check up on you when they know you’re down that you really want to keep around.
  • Your family are still your family, even when they say things you don’t want to hear.
  • Being different doesn’t make you incompatible.
  • Cutting yourself off for a few days does wonders for rejuvenation.
  • Recognising your limits is a gift.
  • Having people around you who can help you to recognise your limits is an even better gift.
  • My friends are

Well that is a considerably longer list than last month’s.

Do you reckon February is trying to compensate for being so irrationally short by being unnecessarily full of stuff?

(Of course not, measures of time are social constructs we use to make life easier, not creatures with a conscience.)

(Then again, I do always have a really crappy February.)


Last time I did one of these posts, I gave a life update, but not only do I think that’s really unnecessary this time, most of the things that have happened are things I have no right to share anyway.

So we’ll go straight onto favourites. ‘My recommendations and ideas’. All the stuff I’ve consumed this month.


I have read disappointingly little this month, which is sad. But like I said, I’ve been busy. The one I have read, however, I’ve loved.

  • Eragon
    • This is a big book, so only reading one book per month isn’t such an awful offense when it’s the size of a brick. I’ve actually read Eragon before, when I was about 10, and didn’t understand much of it, and again when I was about 12, when I still didn’t understand much of it. I used to blindly adore it, but now I’ve read a little more widely, I can tell that it isn’t the masterpiece I once considered it to be, and contains a lot of fluffy, ‘hey look this sounds cool’ phrases. It is, however, a very enjoyable read, that I found myself struggling to put down. Sure, it’s kind of ripped off from Lord of the Rings, but hey! It’s got dragons! And it’s epic fantasy written this century! And the dude was 15 when he wrote it, which is pretty damn cool! The series has its faults, sure, but actually, Ergaon is probably my favourite fantasy series, aside from Lord of the Rings, which certainly doesn’t mean nothing.


Watchable Content

I really have not consumed much media this month, at all. I’ve had loads going on, I swear. I don’t have time for YouTube when I’m busy having a life.

  • Sing Street
    • This movie is great. It’s about this 15 year old Irish kid, who gets sent to a dodgy school, and winds up starting a band, partially because he likes music, and partially because he wants to impress the hot model who’s ‘going to London to get famous.’ A few bad songs and identity crises later, 5 weird boys sound oddly like a mix between The Cure, Duran Duran, and The Beatles (solid mix if you ask me), and model girl is suitably impressed. Yes, that’s kind of the main plot that I just spoiled without warning, but that’s the predictable bit anyway, all it takes is a look at the poster to tell the ending. But it’s the stuff that happens in between – the really bad music videos, the heartbreak, the rebellion, the so-Irish-I-can-hardly-understand-it-sometimes dialogue between some rebellious teenagers, that makes it great. It was weird, yes, but it was also very enjoyable, and I will always think of it fondly. It’s a good, ‘it’s raining outside and life is mildly enraging’ movie.
  • Moana
    • I’ve now seen this movie twice. The first time I saw it, I blindly loved it, without considering anything about it except the fact that it’s Disney, therefore I must love it. On the second watch, I still loved it, although less blindly. Sure, it’s a bit weirder than some of Disney’s previous movies, in terms of giant, singing, shiny crabs, and lava monsters of death that turn into Mother Nature herself, but it was great! It made me laugh, more so than a lot of Disney films lately, and, also, yay for representation! Not just for a non-white Disney gal, which is obviously great, but for curly haired girls who constantly tie their hair up in crazy pineapple buns because it gets in the way. (This is a joke. We do not need representation. Polynesian not-princesses do. Yay representation.) Also, Lin Manual Miranda, who wrote the score, is excellent, and now I cannot say the words ‘you’re welcome’ without accompanying it with ‘for the tides, the sun, and the sky’.
  • Tom and Gi Fletcher
    • These adorable two, and their adorable YouTube channels are just too adorable. Like, marriage goals much? They’re literally the only over-30, married-with-kids people who will ever be able to do YouTube well. I’ve been watching them both for a few months now, after discovering them through Carrie Hope Fletcher, who is literally everything I want to be in a human except tall, but I’ve just loved ‘em a bit more than normal this month. Like I’ve said, I’ve had a rough month, and their videos never fail to make me smile, so that’s a plus.


Fashion and Beauty

Again, I have very little to say about this. For most of this month, I’ve been wandering around the house in my comfiest jeans, a hoodie, and a bare face. However: hair.

  • Shea Moisture Hair Products
    • I am part of the unhealthy, constantly tangled, never-sits-right, curly-hair club. I need frizz control, otherwise my head doubles in size with all my wiry hair. I’ve recently taken to using Shea Moisture’s Strengthen and Grow Leave-In Conditioner, which does the job excellently, as long as I don’t put too much in. The first couple of times I used it, I used about the same amount as I do other leave-in conditioners, and my hair was gross and greasy, because it just stuck to my hair and looked and felt blegh. However, when I used a smaller, sensible amount, my hair dried frizz-free, and smelled deliciously of shea butter and peppermint. They also do a hair masque that I’ve used a couple of times, and adore. And the best part? It’s an organic, family owned, cruelty free company, that you can find on the high street, and online!
  • Going bare-faced
    • Not only is this great for your skin, but it’s very liberating. I could probably count on one hand the number of days I’ve worn makeup this month, and I’ve found myself being fine with people seeing me make-up free. Sure, it felt a little weird, and sure, I’ve only really done it because I haven’t had much choice, but hey, it really wasn’t all bad.


  • Lauren Aquilina – Sinners
    • I love this gal. Her voice is excellent, and her lyrics are beautiful, and her latest album is no different. There may only be 4 songs, but they’re 4 really damn beautiful songs.
  • Mcfly – Room On The 3rd Floor
    • Okay, so I know this album is practically pre-historic, like, it’s pre-Tom-Fletcher’s-adorable-wedding-speech, pre-Tom-and-Gi-adorably-announce-their-pregnancies, and pre-Tom-and-Gi-being-the-only-married-couple-who-can-do-YouTube. The album cover, complete with dodgy fringes, dyed tips, and baggy jeans with white sneakers, is the most 2004 thing I’ve ever seen, but to be honest, the songs make up for it. I’m not generally a massive fan of the happy, pseudo-pop-punk vibe, but they pull it off, and also Obviously is literally the best pop song written this millennium and nothing will change my mind about that.
  • Rag’n’Bone Man – Human
    • First of all: I liked Rag’n’Bone Man before he was cool. Seond: this album is excellent and I love it.


There we have it. My underwhelming view of an overwhelming month. If you’re still around, congrats! Have a cookie.

Don’t forget to check out The Restless Times, the release of which I’ve been looking forward to with excitement and fear, because it also marks the day, today, that I’m blurring the line between my online life, and my real life, by announcing the release on my Instagram, and therefore indirectly giving all my irl-friends (and not-friends) a link to this blog.


Yes, that is why several of my posts have mysteriously disappeared.

And if you’re someone I know in real life, hello. Please don’t judge me too hard.



Have a lovely week, and don’t die before you come back.

Lots of apprehensive love,

Mima xoxo


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