Goodbye To This Blog

Goodbye, Storytime with Mima. Thanks for being a platform on which I have posted things for several months.



Yeah. So, uh, I’ve decided to close this blog down. Storytime with Mima will soon be no more.


However, I am not leaving. Simply moving.


Over the past few months, I have done a lot of growing, and changing, and maturing, and also a lot of writing. As a result, the things I have to say, how I want to say them, and also my writing style itself, have all changed slightly, as well as me having learnt a lot more about blogging and how to go about it. The way I want to approach blogging now is different to the way I approached it when I began, and as a result, this blog is no longer the one that I think I can do my best on. Of course, I could just change this blog so it fits, but why, when starting again feels so much cleaner?


And so, allow me to introduce you, to Letters From Mima.


crying more


I am so excited to make this change. This new blog is something I’m passionate about, and believe will truly reflect me as a writer, and a person. It’ll be more organised, more cohesive, more inspiring to me, and hopefully more interesting to you. It’s something a little different, a little more exciting than just a normal blog with normal blog posts.


There’s a bunch to explain about it, but I shan’t do it here. Instead, I’ll send you to my first, welcoming post on the new blog. I really hope you decide to make the switch, and come join me over there. It would really mean a lot.


In terms of this blog, I will eventually be closing it down. I’ll leave it up for a couple of weeks, but soon I’ll make it private. Some of my content will be reposted over there, and some will be re-written and re-thought about, and then posted as something refreshed, while everything else from here will just be discarded, because I don’t really think it’s all that great.


But yeah. This is it, then. My last post of Storytime With Mima.


So, have a lovely week, and… don’t die before I see you again, somewhere different.


Lots of love,


Mima xoxo


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