Marching Away From March

Wow. March has certainly been a busy month for me. Relationships have changed, begun, and ended, and I’ve started to experience things – good and bad – that I really never have before.

My March began with the release of The Restless Times, and with it a public kind of confession – ‘I write things, and, oh look, here’s a link to my personal blog that’s been a secret for months.’ I really thought that it would be massive, and life-changing, coming clean about my secret online existence – but it wasn’t, really. I don’t even think that many people noticed. (Speaking of The Restless Times – issue two has just been released! Go check it out here – and if you don’t know what I’m on about, go read my post about it here.)

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February’s Finally Finished

Well, February was an interesting one, wasn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but February has been a mixture of both the incredibly delightful and unbelievably crushing for me. I’ve fought with friends, and found wonderful new opportunities. I’ve lost a family member, and befriended wonderful new people. I’ve discovered secrets I’d rather have not discovered, and I’ve spent time with those I love more than anything. I’ve slipped into some very bad habits, and I’ve learned so much that I’m very grateful for. I’ve found myself in unbelievably awkward situations, and I’ve felt, for the first time in a while, really wanted.

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Jetting Away From January

Ah, February. The month of slightly-warmer-than-before weather. The month of remembering how wonderfully single I am. The month of running out of excuses for my jeans being that-little-bit tighter since Christmas. The month of my cat having super-duper knotted fur because her winter coat starts falling out and getting tangled up with her excess of fluff. The month that everyone I know has a birthday except for me. The month of making plans to go out because now the year is ‘broken in’ and everyone wants to do stuff again. The month of those plans falling through because people still don’t actually want to leave their beds.

Ah, February.

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