Goodbye To This Blog

Goodbye, Storytime with Mima. Thanks for being a platform on which I have posted things for several months.



Yeah. So, uh, I’ve decided to close this blog down. Storytime with Mima will soon be no more.


However, I am not leaving. Simply moving.


Over the past few months, I have done a lot of growing, and changing, and maturing, and also a lot of writing. As a result, the things I have to say, how I want to say them, and also my writing style itself, have all changed slightly, as well as me having learnt a lot more about blogging and how to go about it. The way I want to approach blogging now is different to the way I approached it when I began, and as a result, this blog is no longer the one that I think I can do my best on. Of course, I could just change this blog so it fits, but why, when starting again feels so much cleaner?


And so, allow me to introduce you, to Letters From Mima.


crying more


I am so excited to make this change. This new blog is something I’m passionate about, and believe will truly reflect me as a writer, and a person. It’ll be more organised, more cohesive, more inspiring to me, and hopefully more interesting to you. It’s something a little different, a little more exciting than just a normal blog with normal blog posts.


There’s a bunch to explain about it, but I shan’t do it here. Instead, I’ll send you to my first, welcoming post on the new blog. I really hope you decide to make the switch, and come join me over there. It would really mean a lot.


In terms of this blog, I will eventually be closing it down. I’ll leave it up for a couple of weeks, but soon I’ll make it private. Some of my content will be reposted over there, and some will be re-written and re-thought about, and then posted as something refreshed, while everything else from here will just be discarded, because I don’t really think it’s all that great.


But yeah. This is it, then. My last post of Storytime With Mima.


So, have a lovely week, and… don’t die before I see you again, somewhere different.


Lots of love,


Mima xoxo


Problematic Friends, and Moving On

A few weeks ago, I published a post entitled ‘Knowing When It’s Time To Let Go of a Friend’. In hindsight, posting it was a terrible idea.

That kind of thing is the kind of thing you shouldn’t do until you are certain you have every side of a story. Until you are certain that you are correct. Needless to say, I wrote and posted that at the height of a disagreement between two friends of mine, that I was caught up in. I told myself I wouldn’t take sides, and yet I very clearly did.

That post has since been taken down. Honestly, there are things in there I’m ashamed of. Bits and pieces of the advice itself, but also the way I spoke about people, how biased I was. Of course, if a friend is manipulative then it might be time to reconsider, but I labelled someone as manipulative when I shouldn’t have.

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Finding Your Motivation

Apologies for my recent absence. I said I’d try and post three times this month, and yet we’ve reached now, and this is my first. I’ve got no real excuse, except that life just began to happen all at once, and very fast, and I found myself hardly able to write, both because I had no ideas, and no time. I’m sure if I’d had more time, I’d’ve found an idea, and if I’d had more ideas, I’d’ve found the time. But I didn’t. I lacked the two things that any every writer needs to write, and so I struggled to motivate myself.

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These Are Restless Times

A few days ago, I was just going about my daily business, reading posts, listening to music, trying to stop my cat from leaving me, etcetera etcetera. It was a mediocre day, and I was feeling thoroughly mediocre myself. How uninteresting and boring my life seems.
I came across posts about politics, of course. Mainly Trump and his stupid freaking wall. Posts about people’s personal lives – their birthdays and boyfriends and best friends and demons. Posts about projects and things people are doing, challenges they’re undertaking, mistakes they’re making. Posts about life, how to do it and do it well, how to ensure you get good grades and good hair and good everything.
It was all very unremarkable, as I said. Very mediocre.
Not that the posts weren’t great, I’m sure, but nothing really caught my eye, you know? As I said, I was feeling very mediocre.

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Why Valentine’s Day Just Isn’t That Great

Ah, Valentine’s day. What a wonderful celebration of love, and relationships, and happiness, and contentedness, and all things wonderful.

The day when the single population of the earth feel either completely worthless, or are so very grateful for their singleness, and freedom, and all those things that come with being single, that they celebrate so much that they just look desperate.

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Why I Won’t Wish You A ‘Happy New Year’

I’ve decided not to wish you a happy new year, because so many people have said that to me in the last week that, to be honest, I’m tired of it. What’s happened to the good old fashioned ‘goodbye’?

But I’ve another reason not to, and that is my disdain for the wonderfully pointless practise of celebrating the new year with more zeal than we celebrate things that are actually worth celebrating, like book releases and my birthday.

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